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What is right and what is wrong?

Upon choosing the design, color and material combination of stairs, clients ask: ”What is right?”

It’s good to find out the opinion of experts, designers regarding the stairs, but not in order to find out what is “right” or to realize designer ideas. If the issue relates stairs, we must understand that nothing is wrong, unless the construction of stairs is safe. You will use the stairs daily therefore we advise to listen to the opinion of designers and experts only for shaping Your own, unique opinion about stairs You would like to have.


Straight stairs
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L-type stairs
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U-type stairs
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S-type stairs
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Bent stairs
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Stairs with the area
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Modern stairs
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Space economizing
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With central support
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Stairs with column
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Type of stairs

  • Straight stairs
  • L-type stairs
  • U-type stairs
  • S-type stairs
  • Bent stairs
  • Stairs with the area
  • Other types and combinations of stairs

Although we have listed the most popular types of stairs, it should be noted that types of stairs can be freely combined due to Your desires and unique situation, as it may be sometimes.

The most popular materials for stairs are ash-tree, oak-tree and pine-tree, but, of course, the number of available materials used for stairs are more wider and the same as types of stairs, materials can be freely combined due Your desire.

Great variety of the types of stairs and their material combinations are supplemented by many options for the protection of stairs against the wear. Painting and lacquering is the most popular ways of stairs protection and conservation, but staining, lubrication, stairs lacquering with tinted lacquer and carpet laying can also be applied.

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